Sunday, March 04, 2007

Naked fitness in Holland

The so-called “naked fitness” is getting the increasing popularity in the world. Special sports clubs for fans, wishing to go in for sports without clothes, have been opened in the Dutch city of Heteren. The program developed for nudists, has caused interest not only in local residents: tourists from Germany, Belgium, the Great Britain and the USA, wishing to participate in such naked sport, come to Heteren.
Only the clients, who have reached the full age, can go info naked fitness. Each applicant will pass careful check which will allow protecting athletes from various distortions and sexually anxious people penetration into their numbers. The trainers spending employment by “naked fitness” will train the group of nudists dressed in sports suits.
It is necessary to note, that similar sports halls have already become popular in many countries. It is possible to see the naked men and the women assiduously stretching or rushing on a racetrack in hotels and resorts, intended only for nudists.

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