Saturday, May 27, 2006

Too Gay: Rugby clubs


Living as I do in some dustbowl I rarely get to see this sport- although actually things on this front are about to change as I'm preparing to visit Europe and stay for a while in London later this year. Anyway I read this article at Rainbow Network (the headline is theirs- not mine- how could anything be too gay?....) and I can't help feeling very hot about these dudes who play rugby, and spend their time getting naked with each other.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Running of the Nudes

Just to illustrate the previous article I found these two pics. How groovy is that? Yeah; if you have any pics of naked protests or nude civil disobedience I wanna know about it....There's something real horny about boys that get their dicks out to annoy everyone. particularly if they get arrested. I mean how f***in horny is that??

Protest means good nudes for shoppers

Protest means good nudes for shoppers

May 18 2006
Another UK article....

By James Durkin

"ANIMAL rights protesters bared their souls and a few other things in a bid to put an end to the infamous Pamplona bull run in Spain.

Activists from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) spent Tuesday lunchtime in Reading's Broad Street dressed in little more than red scarves and fake bullhorns.

They were recruiting for the fifth annual Running of the Nudes - an event which precedes the historic Running of the Bulls and the bloody bullfights which follow.

PETA campaign co-ordinator Lauren Bowey told The Chronicle: "Even in Spain and Portugal support for bullfighting is declining, but events are able to thrive through tourism. This is a message to these tourists to leave the bullfights and join us."

PETA's first naked run in 2002 attracted just 20 brave participants. But this July's event will attract more than 1,000 runners from across the world to run the 900-yard course in the name of animal rights.

The bull run during the week-long Fiesta de San Fermin still attracts worldwide interest and thousands are expected to flock to Pamplona to test their nerve.

But Lauren, a 22-year-old Londoner, explained: "There is no real courage. This is a cowardly event. When the bulls get into the arena they will end up dead.

"Before the run their necks are cut to immobilise them, and petroleum jelly is rubbed into their eyes so they cannot see properly."

The sight of three semi-naked women accompanied by a pantomime bull soon grabbed the attention of shoppers.

Bill Tamlyn, a 32-year-old builder from Wokingham Road, Reading, joked: "I wouldn't mind running if these girls were there. Compare them to a herd of bulls, and I know what most people would rather see."

And Reading University student Sally Smith, 24, said: "I don't know if the nude run is for me, but it's good that people are supporting it."

*Link "

Anyone got any pics of the cutie guys that run this marathon in aid of the bulls? I mean I know it's serious
of course !! But hey a good looker in his birthday suit in the middle of town....come on !!!

Rambler strips off in public again

Quoted from the BBC website:

"Naked rambler Stephen Gough has been arrested at Edinburgh Airport after staging a strip during a flight.

The former marine had been travelling to an appeal court appearance to challenge a contempt of court ruling.

However, the 47-year-old failed to make it into the dock after he was stopped by police at 0900 BST on Thursday.

Airline Flybe said Gough boarded the 0645 BST flight fully clothed but he later emerged naked from the toilets and refused to get dressed again.

A spokeswoman for Lothian and Borders Police said officers were alerted to the strip on the flight from Southampton shortly before 0800 BST.

She said: "He refused to get dressed when he was on the plane, so he was arrested when he came off the flight."

Breach of the peace

A Flybe spokesman said cabin crew asked him to get dressed in the interests of fellow passengers but the naturist refused.

Gough, from Eastleigh, Hants, is likely to be charged by officers with breach of the peace.

He is being held in police custody ahead of his expected court appearance at Edinburgh Sheriff Court on Friday.

Gough completed his second nude walk from one end of Britain to another in February.

Sheriffs in Edinburgh have found him in contempt on four separate occasions for refusing to cover up for court.

His appeal against those decisions was due to be heard by a panel of three High Court judges on Thursday."

Doncha just love the boy! Wish more military dudes would get their wieners out for us to enjoy in public.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Nude NKU player arrested

This guy's a a bit of a horn dog and he's recently been caught naked causing a spectacle. Wish I'd seen him.... Here is the article quoted from The Enquirer.

Nude NKU player arrested

When Cincinnati police stumbled across Northern Kentucky University basketball player Gavin Ludgood outside an apartment complex Thursday morning, not only was the senior player out of uniform, he was out of all his clothes.

Ludgood, 22, of Highland, was arrested on several misdemeanor charges including public indecency after police say he had been causing quite a scene at a Westwood apartment complex in the 3200 block of Goebel Avenue.

Police say they received numerous calls from residents because Ludgood was banging on a car and an apartment door while naked just before 8 a.m.

When police arrived, they say he resisted arrest.

Ludgood is expected to appear in front of a Hamilton County judge at 12:30 p.m. today.

Nudist retires a millionaire

Today's news on ananova:

Naked Ambition Pays For Naturist

A 70-year old nudist who set up Britain's biggest naturist tour operator has joined the millionaires' club after selling the business he founded in 1971.

Peter Englert has shaken hands on a £1.8m deal that will see Romford-based Peng Travel bought by AIM-listed Travelzest.

It brings the curtain down on 35 years as a private company for Peng, which specialises in arranging naturist holidays to destinations such as Spain and the Caribbean.

According to Peng, there are hundreds of thousands of naturists in the UK and up to 25 million living on mainland Europe.

Last year, the company turned over £2.6m and made operating profits of £235,000.

Travelzest Chief Executive Chris Mottershead, said: "It is our strategic objective to build a new travel group focused on high-quality brands offering specialist holiday services.

"Peng Travel is a successful business and the leader in its niche market. It meets Travelzest's strict criteria for acquisitions, offering a sustainable revenue stream and growth potential at an attractive price."

Travelzest already owns VFB Holidays, which has contracts with the owners of 350 holiday cottages throughout France for the summer season and has booking arrangements for more than 150 hotels.

It also controls online travel agent Holiday Express, which trades from websites including and

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Artists models

Rainbow Network has a small piece about Michelangelo at

I love the idea of getting a cute naked young guy up in front of a group of artists for a session and filming it. Not sure the yahoo group has many artists on it yet but the photo album is looking healthy and I guess there may be a few dudes there who would be interested in some life modelling. Let me know if you are....
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