Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hockey team expose themselves

Just doing my usual browsing to find more naked guys performing and I came across these photos- These are hockey team members enjoying a naked warmup and exposing themselves on a night out....

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Pictures from the festivals

I love pics taken at festivals; it seems to be one of the few places where straight dudes get their clothes off comfortably....

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Secretary of Oxford Union carpeted after being caught wrestling naked on croquet lawn ... for the second time

I don't know how I missed this story- it's right up my alley so to speak. Anyways no matter here it is now. Enjoy.

16th May 2007

A top Oxford University student has been caught wrestling naked on the college croquet lawn - for the second time this term.

Ben Tansey - secretary of the historic Oxford Union - was seen rolling around with two rugby pals in the middle of his posh college's quad.

The three were stopped by a college porter, who spotted their drunken antics on his CCTV screen. Tansey was hauled before the college Dean, who fined him.

It is the second time this term that Tansey has landed himself in hot water with his love for clothes-free bouts.

One student at the prestigious Lincoln College reported being woken by "load groaning noises and screams" coming from Grove Quad, croquet lawn early one morning.

He said: "I got out of bed and found that there were people wrestling on the croquet lawn. I could see that it definitely involved Ben Tansey and two other males.

"They appeared to be naked. They were on top of each other and rolling around on the floor. There were a few girls sat on the bench watching as well."

Other witnesses identified a second wrestler as second year philosophy and economics student Joseph Moore.

A porter then approached the birthday-suited trio, reminding them: "We've got video cameras in the lodge." By-standers said the bare-faced trio then put their clothes back on and went on their way.

A source at the college said it was the second time Tansey, a second year Politics, Philosophy and Economics student, had been collared for getting to grips with his pals' naked flesh.

Porters stated simply: "There was one before." The culprits were fined £50 pounds each by the Dean, who apparently also informed them the college had some "very interesting" footage of their antics on May 4.

Previous members of the Oxford Union committee have included: Boris Johnson, William Gladstone, Benazir Bhutto and Michael Foot.

In October last year Jack Orr-Ewing was booted out of Lincoln College for a year for filming two fellow students through a window while they performed sex acts on each other.

The footage from his mobile phone circulated among the university's undergraduates and even found its way onto the internet.

If anyone has such footage please send it to us at 'performingmales@yahoo.com'. I'd be so grateful.

Daily Mail

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Naked in public

When you have a body like this dude Andrey, it makes sense to think about getting completely naked and wandering round the shops. He is f*****g hot- and he's also a member of the Performingmales yahoo group.

George Melly -consummate performer and always ready to strip off, dies.

George Melly, jazz singer, art critic and author, dies aged 80
Published: 06 July 2007

The jazz singer, art critic and author George Melly died at his London home yesterday. Melly, 80, had been suffering from lung cancer for the past two years, but refused treatment so that he could continue performing.

It was a decision fitting to a man of considerable achievement - he had published numerous books, including three volumes of autobiography, was an acknowledged
expert on surrealism, a broadcaster, raconteur and award-winning critic, and had written the words to the cartoon strip Flook - but who appeared content to let his
life be his greatest canvas.

And what a life: as ramshackle, garish and joyous as the voluminous purple suits that hung around his massive frame, in which he was regularly to be seen at art
openings, book launches, and his own performances, which continued right until the end. Only last month he was touring the country with the Digby Fairweather

Born in Liverpool in 1926, Melly was educated at Stowe, where he developed his passion for jazz. "I was passing an open study window," he wrote in his memoir
Owning U, "and heard the most beautiful sound in the world. It was Louis Armstrong playing 'Drop That Sack'." By the time he was a regular attender at Humphrey
Lyttelton's Saturday evening gigs in Leicester Square, Melly described himself as an addict. "I had resolved to become an executant," he wrote. "Too lazy to learn an
instrument, I had decided to sing."

First in the 1950s, with Mick Mulligan's Magnolia Jazz Band, and then from the 1970s onwards with John Chilton's Feetwarmers, Melly was to become the finest singer
in the British revivalist jazz movement. Beginning in 1973, his Christmas residency became an institution at Ronnie Scott's.

Only last year, he released an album on Candid records, The Ultimate Melly, with guest appearances from Van Morrison and Jacqui Dankworth.

It was also at Stowe that Melly discovered the pleasures of sex. He always denied the claim that he had seduced the former Sunday Telegraph editor Sir Peregrine
Worsthorne on the art room chaise-longue. Nevertheless, he had a long stream of lovers of both sexes and was married twice, the second time in 1963 to Diana, who
survives him. Melly was not reticent about his sexual escapades, documenting some of them in his book Rum, Bum and Concertina, and they remained a source of
curiosity to his audiences. "An audacious minority of the public was eager to know if George was still homosexual," remembers Chilton in his recent book, Hot Jazz,
Warm Feet. "We answered by saying that in the distant past he had been but then became bisexual on his way to being a mighty camp heterosexual."

Described by Diana as "fat and fairly famous", friends remember Melly as a man of irrepressible energy and enthusiasms but also as possessing a scholarly knowledge
of both art and music. The fun and the seriousness went hand in hand. Asked by the gallerist James Birch to open his Salute to British Surrealism exhibition at the
Minories Gallery in Colchester in 1985, Melly challenged Jennifer Binney, of the Neo-Naturists artists group, to see who could strip fastest. "The entire art world had
come from London for the opening," recalls Birch, "and there was George wandering around naked."

Seeing Melly naked was a sight not confined to a few. One of his party tricks was to take his clothes off, get down on all fours, and rearrange his genitalia to
impersonate a man, a woman, and then a bulldog.

He continued to be active, both socially and professionally, till the end. Most recently he was growing a beard in order to star in a film he was planning about Christ and the apostles. Neither had his appetite for partying diminished. Invited to a birthday dinner for the actor and singer Richard Strange, Melly misheard the address and arrived early at a pub near Strange's Kennington home. "When he realised we weren't there he went on to virtually every pub in the area and had a drink at each one," recalls Strange. "He eventually arrived at my house being carried bodily by two gay barmen, just in time for a singalong. Typically, George was the only one
who knew the filthy versions of all the songs."

The worlds of art and music have lost both an entertainer and an intellectual with the death of George Melly. In the words of his friend James Birch: "He was a
brilliant man - the last of a generation of bohemian all-rounders."

The Independent

Friday, July 06, 2007

Protesters Bare All For Bull Run

Hundreds of campaigners took off their clothes to take part in a nearly-naked race through the streets of Pamplona to protest against the treatment of bulls.

The sixth annual Running Of The Nudes was organised by People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals, or PETA.

Participants wore red scarves and fake horns - and little else - as they ran through the northern Spanish city famous for the Running Of The Bulls, in which members of the public are chased through the streets by the animals.

Injuries are common, both to runners and to the bulls themselves, which end up in the bullring where they are then goaded by the crowd before being killed.

PETA staged the protest two days ahead of the Running Of The Bulls

About 1,000 people from 30 different countries took part in the Running Of The Nudes, a spokesman said.

Although it is billed as a nude protest, PETA supporters have begun to wear more clothes, so as not to upset some locals or attract too much unwanted attention.

Many of the women participants wore underwear and held round signs with the word bullfighting crossed out to cover their top half.

Noemi Ventura, 28, from Orleans, France, led the march.

She wore white underwear and was covered on top by a yellow Peta banner reading "The Naked Truth: Bullfighting is Cruel."

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