Friday, February 23, 2007

More responses to the cfnm/cmnm performingmales challenge

More cfnm/cmnm fantasies. keep em cumming guys....


Mmm there is a lot to be said for stripping a reasonably fit young man
and making him answerable to your every order. I have to admit a
certain preference for a well toned physique (no point in not eh!) and
seeing the said individual carrying out basic tasks like doing the
cleaning is very erotic. I haven't yet tried a scene with my friends -
maybe that's next. JA

I've had this fantasy for ages of watching two or more guys have sex- either one on one or two on one. I'm not sure if that makes me unusual being from the fairer sex (yes!!) but controlling a straight boy by having him banged by a couple of gay boys does really hotten my day.

Nice site btw. GA


I would love to be a waiter at a house party full of men and men only and wear the uniform of choice for the host. i would love to be in something skimpy and as the party progresses have clothing removed through out the night. maybe even auction me off for the end of the night. during the party i would not be allowed to touch myself but not be able to block any guys hands as he is doing as he pleases with me

What a fierce idea! Love it when guys strip for me. Would love to have a party and we get one lad over for a display. Obviously I'd love to fuck him in public but so many strippers seem to be 'hands off'. Seeing a guy spit roasted by a group.............well swell ! KF

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The CFNM/CMNM Challenge-what's your fantasy?

Well a day after posting this question to the yahoo group this is the feedback. Anyone care to see these made into movies?


"I'm currently getting a bit of a thing for nurses. The kind that are always present at minor operations or accompanying the dentist. Usually youngish-early 20s, often good looking. They're the ones that carry out the docs orders- and make the lad in question strip. Not that a dental technician makes guys undress but hey there's always a first in that somewhere.Or maybe the cute girl is a student nurse who gets the patient naked and then plays with his cock in a highly irregular way and he shoots off just as the female doc re-enters the room...." pj

"Dominating a naked guy in front of a crowd when he is evidently highly embarrassed about his situation is something I really can't recommend highly enough. Once he has been disconnected from his wardrobe he starts to behave really very much less aggressively and frankly ladies this has to be the way things will have to go. Patriarchy is over rated and good discipline is underrated. Seeing the naked butlers in previous posts whet my appetite as do some of the pics of the stripped men trussed up for the girls enjoyment.That is exactly how it should be." sg

"I saw your blog and had to find out some more about this whole thing. The very idea of some minxes overpowering me is kinda well hot. I think I'd be into the whole forced sex scene. I'd be made to strip and fuck the ladies one by one while the others watched.I'll think about it a bit more though coz you got me going now." ben

"A naked male houseboy would do me fine. He would have to be prepared to act as my personal butler and look after my apartment, but also be prepared to wait on my friends (some of whom maybe male)too. The performing male would have to be of legal age but probably no more than about 25, well groomed and toned, obedient, open minded and able to take the orders of a strict mistress. Is this all just a fantasy or do such guys exist?" JB


"I think it maybe getting a guy sit himself on a vibrator for a watching audience. Or making him do it- even better." sam

"Naked sport: an Olympic ideal." kevin

"I kinda imagine being a dj and stripping off for a crowd and cumming all over the decks." privat

"Naked service has always appealed to me. Getting one guy to demonstrate his abilities naked for a group of guys- maybe a houseboy or something similar. Of course he'd have to have sex with all of us so it would turn into a bit of a gang bang." rp

"Current fantasy:

I joined this group having seen some interesting pics of a guy in a cage being wanked off in a nightclub. Forced nudity is high on my list of must do's but I've also got into the idea of naked running. Not streaking as such- but naked running. I believe there are guys that go running in public parks/old railway lines etc early in the mornings. That gives me a frisson of excitement. The idea of being caught, possibly by a group of thugs and made to do all kinds of unrepeatable things....horny!!! ba


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Performingmales Cfnm/Cmnm Challenge

Okay boys and boys, and boys and's time to engage your fantasies. This time I'm appealing to all you voyeurs out there rather than just the performers.

Now listen; spring is in the air and the sap is startin to rise; therefore it's time to strip the dudes and make them perform ! I wanna know your hottest current performing fantasies right here today for publication in the yahoo group. For the straight boys and rude girls this is a cfnm fantasy (clothed female(s)-naked male(s)). Feel free to attach pics of anything that has got your boat floating- and let us know whether you've realised this fantasy too. The more the merrier.

For the gay boys this is a cmnm fantasy (clothed male(s)-naked male(s). Who in his fantasies wants to find himself on display? What's your innermost private hard on? Whose fantasy is to be subjected to a naked happening where you are stripped and performing because you want to....or because the crowd wants you to? Send in that hot fantasy and see how other group members respond.

Lets get those juices flowin....

Monday, February 19, 2007

Gay ex-NBA Englishman Amaechi receives threats

NEW YORK (AFP) - John Amaechi, the British former NBA player who revealed last week that he is gay, said he has received threats since making his homosexuality public.

"I have received e-mails that would make you sick," Amaechi said in promoting his new book. "Man in the Middle", an autobiography of Amaechi's life as a closeted gay man in the NBA, will hit US bookshelves next week.

Amaechi said his mission is less to change NBA attitudes toward gay men than it is to send a message to gay athletes in all sports.

"This was the right thing to do at the right time," Amaechi said.

"I'm not doing this to change the NBA. I'm doing this for the high school (American football) quarterback who is thinking about sticking his head in a noose because he can't come to grips with the fact he's gay.

"What I'm trying to do is create a discourse, open people's minds. Obviously people are going to talk about (gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered) people in sport. But there's a more global issue beyond that.

"It's a workplace issue, bearing in mind there are places in this country where people can be fired for being gay. It's a diversity issue."

Amaechi ridiculed NBA commissioner David Stern's notion that the predominently black NBA is a diverse league.

"I like David Stern and we've spent time together talking about these issues, but to suggest a league is diverse when it is 80 percent black and zero percent openly gay - well, that's not diverse," Amaechi said.

Amaechi suggests that NBA players interact with people from similar backgrounds and accept rhetoric on homosexuals rather than seeking their own answers.

"The fears of society are distilled into the small space of the locker room," Amaechi said.

Some NBA players have said they would be fine with gay teammates as long as they did not make advances toward them.

"The narcissism and vanity is remarkable," Amaechi said. "Part of the stereotype I hope to break is that gay men are ready to jump on anything that walks by."

Amaechi said he never faced such locker room issues.

"It was something that never came up for me," Amaechi said. "I always showered and dressed quickly because I didn't want to be interviewed while I was naked."

The 36-year-old Englishman who played five NBA seasons with Orlando, Utah and Cleveland said there are gay players now in the NBA but would not identify them.

"It would be inappropriate to a massive extent to jeopardize somebody else's mental and emotional welfare to prove a point," Amaechi said.

Yahoo Feb 13th 2007

Monday, February 12, 2007

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Spike caged at Deviant

I forgot to tell you that once he'd been stripped naked in public, Spike was then jacked off by a stranger outside his cage bars. And quite right too !

More about the club at

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A smidge of forced male nudity

If you've followed the interests of this group and blog for any length of time at all you'll know that forced male nudity floats our boats big time. So what happens when we get an invite from Deviant the nightclub to record the stripping of a cute bloke who had been dared to get naked in public? We get our arses out of the house in double quick time and get down to Bristol as fast as the speed cameras and the roadworks will allow. Enjoy the pics- the explicit ones are in the photo album in the yahoo group if you wanna see more.

Surferlad Sam x

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Footballers incur the wrath of a local humbug

As some of you will know, some malingering runt went and complained about our Buff Butlers video. In the two months it was up it had something like 17000 downloads on Youtube which therefore translates as being reasonably popular. We will find another place for it in due course.

In the meantime here's a story about another whinger who objected to seeing the local football team changing into and out of their strip outdoors. There really are some folk around who'll do anything to ruin another's enjoyment.

Naked village footballers torn off a strip

Coun Sue Robinson and spectator Paula Cooper, right, get an eyeful as members of the Skelton football team change into their kit
FOR the last 50 years it has been one of the only good reasons for the ladies of Skelton to get up on a Sunday morning to cheer on the village football team.

The sight of muddy semi-naked players getting changed in the street is accepted as part of village life - because Skelton FC does not have any changing rooms. But they could now be warned to mind their tackles in future after a woman complained to the parish council about spotting "naked men" outside her kitchen window.

Councillors hope it will spur on the drive to get proper changing facilities installed at the pitch, off Brecksfield, Skelton, near York, which is leased off City of York Council.

"The lads have been changing on the streets for the last 50 years," said parish councillor Sue Robinson.

"As far as I know they only go down to their underpants. A lady complained to our clerk that she had looked out of her window and seen naked men, but I'm sure she must be mistaken.

"I think it's hilarious. I know a lady in her 80s who told me this week that she was coming down to camp there to get a better view!"

Club secretary Scott Birkley, of Brecksfield, Skelton, said the street was the only place they could get changed.

"Obviously it's not ideal, but what can we do?" he said. "If it has been wet and muddy sometimes we might whip our underpants off, but we are very discreet and don't go round dancing in the street."

Coun Robinson said the council had recently agreed to give them a 20-year lease on the pitch which will enable them to get changing rooms built. They need to raise at least £60,000 to do so.

She said: "We desperately need them because we have girls teams starting soon and we don't want them getting changed in the street.

"We should build some viewing platforms so we can charge people to come and watch the lads change!"

York Press.
4:15pm Monday 30th October 2006

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