Friday, February 23, 2007

More responses to the cfnm/cmnm performingmales challenge

More cfnm/cmnm fantasies. keep em cumming guys....


Mmm there is a lot to be said for stripping a reasonably fit young man
and making him answerable to your every order. I have to admit a
certain preference for a well toned physique (no point in not eh!) and
seeing the said individual carrying out basic tasks like doing the
cleaning is very erotic. I haven't yet tried a scene with my friends -
maybe that's next. JA

I've had this fantasy for ages of watching two or more guys have sex- either one on one or two on one. I'm not sure if that makes me unusual being from the fairer sex (yes!!) but controlling a straight boy by having him banged by a couple of gay boys does really hotten my day.

Nice site btw. GA


I would love to be a waiter at a house party full of men and men only and wear the uniform of choice for the host. i would love to be in something skimpy and as the party progresses have clothing removed through out the night. maybe even auction me off for the end of the night. during the party i would not be allowed to touch myself but not be able to block any guys hands as he is doing as he pleases with me

What a fierce idea! Love it when guys strip for me. Would love to have a party and we get one lad over for a display. Obviously I'd love to fuck him in public but so many strippers seem to be 'hands off'. Seeing a guy spit roasted by a group.............well swell ! KF

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