Monday, August 24, 2009

The makings of a rugby calendar

The words naked and rugby seem to go together so very very well. Here are some stills of the 'behind the scenes' footage for the Beverley Rugby calendar 2009....

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Scandinavian water fairy festival

1. The competition is open only to male fiddlers. (though a horn player won this year)

2. Den tävlande får endast skyla sig med sådant som han kan finna i naturen. 2. The contestant may only cover themselves with things that he can find in nature.

3. En valfri låt per deltagare, traditionell eller nykomponerad. 3. Optional song per participant, traditional or nykomponerad.

4. Spelordningen lottas fram på tävlingsplatsen strax före tävlingen. 4. Play scheme random up on the race site just before the contest.

5. En tremannajury bestående av två folkmusikkunniga personer samt en icke folkmusikkunnig kvinnlig domare poängsätter de tävlande i följande kriterier: Musikalisk gestaltning , utstrålning samt trovärdighet . 5. A three-panel consisting of two folk-skilled people and a non-folk-skilled female judges score the contestants in the following criteria: Musical design, charisma and credibility. Efter överläggningar kungör juryn resultatet, vilket ej kan överklagas. After deliberations the jury announces the results, which can not be appealed.

6. Segraren erhåller ett ovärderligt handskrivet diplom samt 2000 kronor (höjt från och med 2004). 6. The winner receives a priceless handwritten diploma and SEK 2000 (increased from 2004).

7. Segraren i varje delkriterium erhåller 500 kronor i premie (infördes 1998). 7. The winner of each delkriterium receives SEK 500 in premiums (introduced 1998).

8. Från och med 2004 delar vi även ut ett publikens pris på 500 kronor. 8. From 2004, we also issued a public price of 500 kronor.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Friday, August 14, 2009

How did he stop himself getting a boner?

When I was at college a little while back, one of my buds was an artists model. Think Hispanic, with great thighs, light six pack and furry down over his tanned peachey butt. How did I know that? Well that's my secret but hell what a great cock... Anyway I digress. One day he was real tired when he arrived for the class. Dutifully he got undressed and posed. The first half of the session went without hitch. Then he was asked to lie down much like the guy in the pictures here, and unfortunately for him he fell asleep.

When he woke the art tutor turned to him in front of the class and said that he had obviously had one real nice dream and smiled. My friend looked down to see a throbber about which he claimed to know nothing !! :-)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Naked dude's stage performance

which includes taking a piss in front of the crowd. A nice touch :-)

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