Thursday, October 26, 2006


LATEST: ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS star TYSON RITTER's promise to strip on MTV show TOTAL REQUEST LIVE if his group's latest video IT ENDS TONIGHT makes it to number one has prompted fans to pick up their phones The promo jumped back into the TV countdown's top 10 yesterday (25OCT06) after the singer urged fans to vote for the video the day before (24OCT06) Appearing topless in a video message aired during Tuesday's TRL, Ritter promised fans he and his bandmates would bare all if their video was number one on the countdown when they appear on the show on Monday (30OCT06)

Monday, October 23, 2006

Environmentalists stage 'naked' bike ride protest

More from the environmental lobby as some guys get nearly naked and ride through Bristol for their cause.

A group of brave environmentalists staged a "naked" bike ride through a busy city centre today.

Bemused shoppers - many wrapped in coats and scarves - watched on as the group of around thirty men and women cycled through the streets of Bristol handing out leaflets on climate change.

But they were unable to carry out their cheeky protest fully nude - after police insisted they wore something to cover their modesty.

They reluctantly donned thongs, elasticated socks, shorts and bikini tops, to avoid outraging any locals or risk distracting drivers along the route.

The stunt followed the screening of a new film Naked World Bike Day, a 30-minute documentary exploring the world's dependency on oil.

Johnny Burke, who directed and produced the film, was one of the plucky few taking part in today's ride.

"The reaction was 98% positive. People were jaw droppingly surprised and receptive to the idea of cycle culture over driving culture," he said.

"The police turned up unexpectedly before the ride and told us they would arrest us if we went completely naked so I had to use an elasticated sock, which kept falling off.

"The only complaints we had were that we didn't have our kits off.

"The naked bike rides are a way of making protests less negative and more of a celebration.

"It also shows the vulnerability of the cyclist in traffic. There's a sense of the surreal and absurd and its about making people smile.

"It was a bit cold today, but I suppose we have to suffer for our beliefs."

The first Naked World Bike Ride was held in 2004 in London's Hyde Park, and has now become a global phenomenon, with thousands taking part in the novel protests globally each year.

Copyright Press Association 2006.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Naked Fashion Show

London Shop Shows Off Fragrances To Blindfolded Audience

"(CBS) Legend has it that screen goddess Marilyn Monroe was once asked what she wore to bed at night. Monroe replied, "Chanel No. 5, of course."

The models at what was billed as the "world's first Scent Show" followed in Monroe's footsteps Wednesday when they pranced down the runway naked except for the fragrances they were "modeling."

Well, not completely naked. The female models were allowed to keep their shoes on, but their male counterparts padded around barefoot.

To protect the models' modesty — or maybe just for fun — audience members were given blindfolds to wear. Judging from the photos of the event, it appears that some people might have taken a sneak peek here and there.

The Showbuzz has not been able to confirm exactly where on their bodies the models wore their perfume.

Frankly, we'd rather leave that to the imagination."

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Another calendar-this time it's about housework

By now you will appreciate that I, along with a lot of gay guys, quite a few women and some straight men (lots of laughter- did I say straight men? what an oxymoron!) like the idea of my servants and staff being completely naked. That is when they're cute like this and buffed. This is a calendar being produced in aid of Breast Cancer and you can find out more about it here:
They describe themselves as a company that takes sexy but not pornographic images of men. Really? Well not under this banner anyway but it sure is an interesting website.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Whilst I'm on the art thang....

Check out for some superb male nudes.

Naked art performer

"My work focuses on the visceral, where the body is a canvas and an unmediated site for representation for the sacred, the beautiful, the untouchable, the unspeakable, and for the pain, the love, the hate, the loss, the power and the fears of the human condition. My performance practice reduces the body to its most carnal, bloody, raw, exposed, existential and essential state. My installations and sculpture work distil these emotions to minimal poetic phases and symbols that resonate profoundly within the spectator. My recent work synthesise both performance and visual art installation; the body becomes subject and object, life model and the work of arts itself, the viewer and viewed."

Yeah right! Well whatever you make of that the boy gets his nuts out and makes people pay for the pleasure and quite right too. Not for the squeamish though....

Friday, October 13, 2006

Laws to keep streak pledge

Laws to keep streak pledge
12 October 2006

Michael Laws is standing by his promise to run naked through Ohakune - but he's not giving a date and says it will be dark and he will be drunk.

The Wanganui mayor made the offer to streak if the Overlander rail service was saved - and he was standing by his word.

"I have every intent of honouring my promise and I am equally intent to make sure the prurient souls in the New Zealand media aren't present," he said.

The streak threat is now being used in an Overlander advertising campaign.

An advertisement says Mr Laws has to fulfil his promise and "now is the time to plan that trip out of town".

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

More about the young guys naked in Vermont

Following my article about teens being naked on the streets of Vermont I finally tracked down one such pic and here it is. Cute and corking; lets see more of it.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Politics naked ambition

This guy is just horny. He's a cutie who's attempting to turn heads in Spain and sking the people to vote for him. But don't be mistaken this is no airhead. He's an ambitious lawyer with porn idol looks...I hope that this does not set a precedent though. I just wouldn't want to see George Bush like this....

The naked truth

Associated Press

Barcelona — Albert Rivera's nude body is everywhere to be seen — just what he wants as he runs for president of Catalonia.

Mr. Rivera has filled the streets of Barcelona and other Catalan cities with thousands of posters of him in the buff, modestly shielding himself with his hands.

The 26-year-old lawyer knows his campaign to lead this powerful northeastern Spanish region is a long shot. But he hopes at least to get voters talking about something else besides their role within Spain and whether they should speak Catalan or Spanish.

"We believe that we need a modern Catalonia where nationalism is not the only thing on the agenda," Mr. Rivera said in an interview. "Public money that's sunk into projects like Catalan-only sports teams or a Catalan national anthem should be destined to projects that encourage social equality."

His gimmick has brought attention to his fledgling Ciutadans, or Citizens, party as it tries to win seats in the Catalonian parliament Nov. 1. The party is stressing mundane issues like housing and transportation.

The election comes five months after voters in the region approved a charter that granted Catalonia sweeping new powers in areas such as tax revenue, the judiciary and infrastructure.

Although Mr. Rivera doesn't pretend to be a serious contender for president, his party is hoping its mix of unconventional campaigning and a youth-friendly platform will help them win one seat in the 135-member Catalan parliament. The president is chosen by the party or parties that form the government .

Ciutadans' campaign image has been distributed on flyers to tens of thousands of people, and 10,000 posters are plastered on buses, billboards and buildings in the Barcelona area. The campaign image has drawn little public disapproval, even from conservatives.

"It's very well done!" Cristina Gollado, 70, said with a laugh she compared the photo on a flyer to the real Mr. Rivera standing next to her.

"I'm old, so I was a little taken aback by the picture," she said. " But of course I'd vote for him, if only for his good looks."

Saturday, October 07, 2006

More Naked Rugby League calendar pics

Naked star too much for NRL

Another chance to review this horny calendar introduced itself when I chanced on this article about Nick Youngquest who it would seem did more than most to incur the wrath of the NRL. His hand slipped a bit! How fabulous is that !!!! And apart from the fact that the boy's a horn dog we actually get to see a bit more than we should. So enjoy the picture and here's the item....

Sydney Confidential

September 29, 2006 12:00
Article from: The Daily Telegraph

POSITION is everything in rugby league and as young Panthers up and comer Nick Youngquest has discovered this week, the NRL are watching every play of the ball.
Youngquest, who appeared virtually naked as Mr June in the Naked Rugby League calendar released this week, has come under attack from NRL bosses who yesterday labelled the calendar "inappropriate'' and his photo in particular "a bit much''.

The NRL was quick to distance itself from the raunchy publication after Confidential yesterday revealed shots of some of the game's most game players covered up only by a well-placed hand here or there, a bit of rope or in the case of Cronulla prop Ben Ross a pile of leaves.

"We don't have an issue with the players having got their gear off but what we want known is the NRL is not associated with the calendar,'' NRL chief operating officer Graham Annesley told Confidential yesterday.

The photo of Youngquest ,whose man cleavage is clear for all to see, had taken the idea "too far'' according to Annesley.

"He may not have known that he was in that, ah, position, but it's just something we feel the publishers went too far with.''

Youngquest said he knew what he was doing at the time but did it all in the name of charity with proceeds going to breast cancer research.

"The photographer rang and said the best photo he had was a bit revealing and asked me if I minded. I said I didn't mind. It's all for a good cause,'' he said.

"But I don't think my Mum will be too happy when she sees it.''

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Another naked charity calendar and this one has incurred disapproval

You know that I'm a bit of a fan of sportsmen getting their clothes off for charity particularly when it's in a good cause. However my interest reaches new peaks if somebody else disapproves. I know that that is a childish reaction but somehow it's given this calendar that extra picquancy. I can see naked calendars throughout my small apartment this next year....enjoy.


Naked calendar too hot for NRL
27/09/2006 12:43 - (SA)

Sydney - Australia's National Rugby League moved to distance itself on Wednesday from a fundraising calendar which depicts some of the sport's star players in the nude.

The Naked Rugby League calendar, promoted as the "most provocative calendar ever released by an Australian football code," was released in Sydney to raise funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Several of Australian rugby league's biggest stars are photographed nude in the calendar, which has already garnered controversy for the revealing nature of some poses.

The NRL quickly rejected any association with the calendar, saying it neither authorised nor endorsed it.

"It's certainly not anything that we are aware of. It's not a publication we endorse," NRL chief operating officer Graham Annesley said.

"We have a very close association with the National Breast Cancer Foundation... but the nature of the publication is not anything that we would have approved to be associated with the NRL.

A spokesperson for the Breast Cancer Foundation said the organisation was not behind the production of the calendar, but confirmed it would benefit from its sale.

Proceeds to: National Breast Cancer Foundation of Australia

Cute policeman takes Mr Gay UK title

PC strips off uniform to become Mr Gay UK
By TOM KELLY Last updated at 22:01pm on 1st October 2006

A policeman has been crowned Mr Gay UK after parading in his uniform and stripping in his underwear to secure the title.

PC Mark Carter, 23, who had the full backing of West Yorkshire Police, said he was "over the moon" after picking up the award, billed as the male equivalent of Miss Great Britain.

He is expected to have a year of personal appearances and photo shoots ahead of him after beating off 25 other contestants in the final at Blackpool's Flamingo Club to win £5,000 worth of prizes.

He said: "Two years ago I used to cry myself to sleep at night, I was so daunted by the prospect of coming out, but when i did, it was the best thing ever.

"I was so happy I could finally be myself. I thought telling people I was gay would mean no one would want to know me, but at the Mr Gay UK final, I had more people together, supporting me, in one place than I've ever had in my life."

The policeman, who lives in Bradford but works on patrol in Huddersfield, had earlier told how his main reason for entering the competition was to "change the public perception of the stereotypical gay man."

"I am happy that people will be able to see that there are police officers who are gay and we are not necessarily the usual people that they see on TV programmes like Big Brother," he said.

"It will be good for other young gay men to see someone like me who has been successful in a professional job like policing."

PC Carter joined the West Yorkshire force nearly two years ago after completing a degree in sports science.

He said his colleagues had given him tremendous support over his sexuality.

"I didn't tell them straight away but one day somebody asked me and I told them," he said.

"I was nervous about how my colleagues would react but they have been absolutely brilliant."

PC Carter, who has never modelled before, qualified for the final after entering the Birmingham heat of the competition on the spur of the moment during a night out in the city with a friend.

To his own surprise he won, and the next day had to tell his commanding officer that he was Mr Gay Birmingham.

He said: "The police are a disciplined organisation and I wasn't sure how my bosses would feel about me competing to be Mr Gay UK."

Luckily they were supportive, and 50 officers went to cheer him on in Friday's grand final, where each contestant was interviewed on stage about their likes, dislikes, hobbies and job in front of a panel of judges that included Su Pollard and Anita Dobson.

PC Carter's charm and good looks stood out, and he was picked ahead of a town planner from Brighton and a sailor from Plymouth to be named the country's sexiest gay man.

Organiser Terry George said: "Mark is a great example of a young gay man achieving his goals in life.

"If anyone assumed it was just bimbos who entered competitions like this, then Mark is proving them wrong."

Monday, October 02, 2006

Blatter blather cannot cover up naked realities facing football

This is an extraordinary article that seems to conclude that for the sake of viewing figures if nothing else that in the heady world of soccer, if a final is played and the winning team isn't obvious then a naked penalty shoot out would be the answer. (I attach some pics to serve as an example of what we could expect.) Well call me gay, but hey that's real obvious! The article goes into the various arguments about penalty shoot outs and other related football stuff about which I know nothing. I don't watch sports to follow a team - I do it to lust over the boys thighs, which if shorts get any longer is going to be one of those joys that will have to be written off. I don't understand this thing for long shorts in sport they're just rubbish and get in the way. Just maybe some inspiration could prevail from the AFL teams. Or maybe as the article says, the guys could play here is the article.

Paul Wilson
Sunday October 1, 2006
The Observer

Just imagine for a moment you are Sepp Blatter. Not the most thrilling of fantasies, I know, but put yourself in his place for a second or two.

The English Football Association would like your organisation to investigate the agent Pini Zahavi, some of your own officials have just been accused of corruption, court cases are being prepared to establish the principle that clubs should be paid for allowing national teams to use their players, money-laundering via football is becoming a serious world issue and the security problems surrounding the venue for your next World Cup are just not going away.

What do you do? Threaten to abolish the penalty shootout, that's what.

Apparently the Fifa president now thinks the manner in which Italy beat France was 'a tragedy', and not just because of Marco Materazzi's unfortunate remarks to Zinedine Zidane. Blatter believes penalties are a terrible way to settle the planet's biggest tournament and few would give him an argument there, though wait until you hear the possible alternatives.

'Maybe we could replay the match if it is the final,' Blatter said. 'You can't do that through the tournament because of lack of time, but the final is different.' Brilliant. Why didn't anyone think of that before? It's not as if anyone would mind hanging round

Berlin or somewhere for another three or four days, rebooking their hotel rooms and their flights home and paying out all over again for the tickets, is it? All those sponsors and supporters can't get enough of the World Cup, so they would jump at the chance to get two finals for the price of, er, two finals. And if they were really lucky the replay might end in a draw, too, so the whole process could go on indefinitely like Arsenal and Leeds in their four-match FA Cup tie in 1991.

'Or maybe,' Blatter continued, showing a certain lack of conviction in the earlier argument, 'we could take players away and play golden goal.' That wouldn't be tragic at all, of course. Imagine reaching a World Cup final, playing in a World Cup final, then being ordered to leave the field after 120 minutes while an eight-a-side game takes place to decide whether you receive a winner's medal or not. It would achieve a quick result, as would throwing on an extra ball, but no one ever considers that because it would be undignified and silly.

Everyone knows penalty shootouts have their faults. As Blatter says, they transform a team game into an individual event and,because going out on penalties is considered a more honourable defeat than losing in open play, there are grounds for suspecting that many teams settle for the shootout long before the end of a game. But they are not undignified or silly and at the moment they are the best solution anyone can come up with.

Finals, especially unrepeatable showpieces such as World Cup finals, are the very games that should be settled on the day. And they should be showpieces, too, not miniature or artificial contests demeaning to everything that has previously taken place.

Penalties are acceptable as a last resort. The real problem is that they are not being used in that way. Their presence makes it less likely that a result will be achieved in extra time. What is needed is something that will re-energise the added half-hour, make teams desperately inventive rather than cautiously passive, determined at all costs to prevent the game going to penalties.

The answer? Naked penalty shootouts. Even more of a TV attraction and guaranteed to produce a result inside two hours. Sepp must be slipping if he has never thought of that one, though perhaps he does have a few other things on his mind at the moment.
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