Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Laundry stripper lets it all hang out

"Laundry stripper lets it all hang out
25 July 2006

A laundromat customer aired far more than his dirty laundry in public when he stripped naked in front of disbelieving patrons.

The man was initially seen smoking and drinking at the Open All Hours laundromat in Christchurch on Friday at 2pm before throwing other customers into a real spin.

A woman, who was working in a nearby pharmacy, said the man started to strip in front of about 15 shocked customers.

"They were all watching him – not saying anything. He took his top off parading around, and slowly took more clothes off. It was like a strip show. He thought he was hot, that's for sure."

The woman said some customers moved away "because I think they were starting to get a bit scared".

According to police, after removing his underwear, the man put his clothes into a washing machine and donned a pair of shorts. Officers later charged a 45-year-old unemployed man with offensive behaviour."

Offensive behaviour? I attach a pic serving as an example. I kinda like it. Offensive? I'll let you make up your mind.


McFly have got naked at London’s premier gay club

They celebrate topping the chart by whipping their bits out...

McFly have got naked at London’s premier gay club.

The spunky pop outfit, who shot to number one on Sunday with their double A-side ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’, brought new meaning to the phrase when they stripped off at London’s G.A.Y. club in celebration of their number one, and much to the appreciation of their adoring fans.

Tom, who celebrated his 21st birthday over the weekend said: “I wasn’t at all embarrassed about being naked; we all know who’s got the biggest package – me!”

McFly, who were completely nude on stage with the exception of appropriately placed instruments, have even vowed to get naked again if they win ‘Best Pop Act’ award next month. Oh joy!

A group for those that love males performing naked....

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Nudes play out bar scene for art

Further to my posting of july 13th about Alastair Devine's project in Scotland 33 people took part- (hundreds were turned down incidentally). Well here I am trying to get some art sessions going and the models are easy to find; findin the would be artists/photographers/voyeurs appears to be a bit more difficult amazingly.

"More than 30 people have bared all in a Glasgow bar.

The volunteers were posing in Bobar in the west end for Glasgow photographer Alistair Devine.

But instead of everyone being in the same position, as in photographer Spencer Tunick's pictures, each nude was given a bar scene role to play.

Event spokesman Oli Norman said: "There was no embarrassment. Everyone was incredibly comfortable. It looked totally natural."

A total of 33 people took part, aged from 20 to 66.

I just thought 'why not? Just go for it'. It's certainly different from a normal persons' life experience
Mark, one of the volunteers

Mr Norman, managing director of the marketing agency Dada which commissioned the event with Mr Devine, told BBC Scotland's news website: "It's been absolutely incredible. The mix of people here is amazing.

"We have someone with an OBE, a firefighter, a manager, a dental nurse, a government official and an American tourist."

The volunteers were all given roles to play such as a customer at the bar or a couple having a lovers' tiff.

A dress rehearsal was held first where everyone wore bath robes before the instruction "let's get naked' was given.

The actual shot took about two and a half hours to set up.

Volunteers with Alistair Devine
Volunteers wore bath robes for the dress rehearsal

A small minority of those taking part were naturists but most had never done anything similar before.

"They just wanted to do something different," Mr Norman said. "And most of them just came along by themselves and had never met any of the others before."

One of the volunteers was a Scot called Mark who said: "When I read about it I thought it sounded quite tasteful.

"I just thought 'why not? Just go for it'. It's certainly different from a normal persons' life experience."

American cycle tour operator Bill, who is a nudist, said: "I'm doing this partially to meet some naked Scots but in addition to being a nudist, I'm a figure model in the States so I'm paid to be naked in front of artists.

"It also enhances my body image. Nude is not lewd and I think it's important for people to know that no matter what shape, size or colour they are, they should be proud of their bodies." "


Naked young guys on public view....

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Baring nearly all in memory of our friend

This is a touching story and slightly out of the usual 'performingmales' vein. However there is an upside to this story: a calendar...:-)

"North Wales

Baring nearly all in memory of our friend

Jul 20 2006

By Eryl Crump, Daily Post

FRIENDS of a 23-year-old man who died from cancer are to pose naked for a calendar and raise cash in his memory.

The lads will be pictured in various sporting shots to raise money for cancer charities. Mark Jones of YWern, Wrexham, died last month after a brave three-year battle against testicular cancer.

After his funeral, mum Julie vowed to do all she could to make sure another life is not lost in the same way. She launched the Mark Jones Testicular Cancer Awareness Fund, also known as Balls 2 Cancer, to raise money and increase knowledge about the killer disease.

"The calendar is one way of raising money and awareness at the same time," she said.

"We've organised it and we're just waiting for the photographer to take the photos next month. The calendar will be on sale from October."

Other activities include a fun night at a Wrexham pub and a six-a-side football tournament.

Julie, who nursed her son in his final weeks, said: "Mark found a lump on one of his testicles 12 months before he was diagnosed. I think he put off going to the doctor through embarrassment. By the time he did go to the doctor's it was too late, the cancer had spread.

"He was a very quiet, deep person but he would never discuss anything. If he was in pain he wouldn't tell anybody and kept everything to himself.

"I want to stop the embarrassment for young men. Breast cancer is talked about so much women aren't bothered about going to the doctor."

Charity trustees would like to see men sent aletter asking them to go for screening at Well-man clinics, similar to the way women get regular smear tests for cervical cancer.

Julie paid a warm tribute to her son.

"The number of friends who came to his funeral was just unbelievable. There were about 80 or 90 lads, he was so popular," she said."

When I visit the UK I shall look out for this calendar. Hope they raise a lot of funds for testicular cancer in the process.


Naked bird whacker

Naked bird whacker
The Press Association Thursday July 20, 06:54 AM

Police in Virginia, arrested a naked man who was hitting a car with a pigeon.

A couple from Whaleyville had just arrived home in their car when Juan Lopez, 30, approached them and repeatedly pounded the pigeon on the car, police said.

"I'm not sure whether he's mentally disturbed or under the influence of narcotics, but he was obviously having some sort of issue that night," said Lt Debbie George, Suffolk Police Department spokeswoman.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Naked Performing Males

Just felt the time is right to add some naked performers to the blog here. It is a weekend after all and needs must. Enjoy.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Artist seeks models in Scotland

Well I mentioned in my earlier article about renting a slave ( btw I'd like a naked slave - any offers? muscles and good physique is a prerequisite) that the Brits were the main news on this blog but now it seems that the Scots decide they wanna piece of the action. Read on and if you live in Scotland and wanna model get yer butt ass over, get naked and get a photo for the group...

Article from a Scottish newspaper- The Herald;

Artist seeks models:

Copyright © 2006 Newsquest (Herald & Times) Limited. All Rights Reserved

Wanted: willing exhibitionists to create Scotland's first piece of public naked art. A leading Scottish photographer is looking for nude models for a new project "celebrating the eclectic, bohemian and artistic spirit of Glasgow's west end".
Alistair Devine hopes to emulate the work of Spencer Tunick, who became famous for his pictures involving hundreds of naked people in cities around the world.
Devine, who has photographed numerous celebrities including Lauren Bacall, Sophia Loren, Sting and Elton John, wants to enlist the help of around 30 models for his shoot.
Tunick used public spaces for his photographs but Glaswegian volunteers should be able to preserve some modesty - the event will take place behind the closed doors of a new bar on Byres Road in 10 days.
Devine said: "This kind of thing has never been done before in Scotland and we are appealing for members of the Scottish public to come forward, get involved in the shoot and be part of something which is really quite out of the norm. A walk down and around Byres Road day or night is very inspiring. The area is a true hub of creativity and the type of individuals who wish to take part in this photograph will see this kind of project as broadening their life experiences.
"We are looking for Scottish models of every shape and size. The only requirement is that all individuals are over 18 and aren't shy as they will be required to strip off and bare all.
"The shoot will kick off very early at 9am on Sunday, July 23, and is certain to be a truly unforgettable morning for all involved."
Artist Spencer Tunick has been celebrated and vilified in equal measure for his controversial work featuring hundreds of naked bodies sprawled along streets, roadsides and empty malls.
Focused in New York and cities across the US, Tunick calls his models "human sculptures" and captures them on video and through stark monochrome pictures. For one picture he gathered his models outside the United Nations building and wrapped 25 nudes in a plastic sheet for his own version of the "General Assembly". Devine's Glasgow shoot will not involve full-frontal poses and all models will be artfully arranged throughout a new venue called bobar.
The event has been billed as a celebration of the "eclectic, bohemian and artistic spirit of the west end which relentlessly pushes the boundaries of creativity and continually produces leading figures in the music, fashion, art and acting world". Devine has been a photo-journalist for more than 30 years, with a career spanning every aspect of the media, from newspapers and glossy magazines to broadcasting.
As well as winning Scottish, British and World press awards for his photography, Devine has held a number of high-profile exhibitions featuring pictures of Sean Connery, Billy Connolly and Ewan McGregor. Craig McAdam, manager of bobar, said: "It is an exciting and daring idea which will appeal to those liberated individuals out there who want to take part in a first of its kind project and it should make their Sunday a little bit more interesting than it would normally be."
For further details contact Laura McIlquham or Claire Morrison on 0141 222 2266.


Rent a slave CFNM

I came across this old article (2002) by yet another British newspaper. I used to think the Brits were kind of proper but hey the info on this blog largely emanates from hot Brit boys who spend their time getting naked and then telling the newspapers !!

So here is a cfnm report about performing males getting naked for the girls and serving them....

"Reporter's Rent-a-Slave heaven
(The reporter has requested that we omit his name from this blog and that we link to the original report, -which we originally implemented but there was some html confusion in the link header...and there was me wondering if anyone read my blog!-GB)

Bristol Evening Post reporter Sarah Feeley found the perfect excuse for spending a day being pampered by a semi-naked, muscle-bound slave - a newspaper review of Bristol's latest service for women of course!

Ex-Royal Navy firefighter Jason Murray has set up a Rent-a-Slave service in Bristol and journalist Sarah was only too happy to try it out.

Reviewing her day of relaxation in the Evening Post, Sarah told readers: "Girls - you've never lived until you've lounged on a sofa feasting on Champagne and strawberries while a devilishly handsome man does your housework. Semi-naked."

"After one hour with J-cloth Jason the Ajax Adonis, my face ached from smiling, my stomach ached from laughing and I was blushing for Britain.

"My coy eyes were darting all over the room, though - out of the windows, up the walls, studying the pattern of the carpet - trying not to look directly at his impressive physique.

"OK. I admit that I tried not to look, but I didn't always manage it.

"But come on. If I was reviewing a restaurant for the Evening Post, I'd take my time to peruse the décor and sample as many dishes as I could manage.

"The smile didn't once fade from his face - even when the photographer persuaded him to lose the boxers and do the washing up dressed in just a backless apron. But I had to leave the room at that point. Too embarrassing.

"So. My verdict is - get your purses out, girls, because this man is worth raiding your piggy banks for."

Naked young guys on public view:

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

More British Naked Butlers

Another article about naked male servants. This appears to be Brit thing though a member of the yahoo group (Evan- very cute) gets his kit off for various duties.Looks horny as hell in my humble opinion.

The naked hunks eager to serve you

Lucy Cawkwell with her team of butlers

by Rebecca Magill

WANT to add a bit of spice to your hen night, dinner party or even when you are just doing the housework? Then Bare Naked Butlers could be the perfect thing for you – they provide scantily clad men at your service.

Most women couldn’t think of anything worse than spending an evening doing the ironing, but what if your laundry was being nicely pressed by a handsome, semi-naked man?
Advertisementyour story continues below

This is just one of the services provided by Lucy Cawkwell’s new company, Bare Naked Butlers.

Based in Aldershot, the company provides servants for events like hen nights, corporate events, dinner parties or pamper parties – they will even come and do your household chores.

They can either arrive topless — wearing collar, cuffs and black trousers, or naked — wearing collar, cuffs and full length bistro-style apron.

“We can basically tailor our service to each customer,” she said. “They could be serving drinks, canapés, taking coats, meeting and greeting. Or we can even send someone round to your house to do any household chore wearing just a full-length apron. It all depends on what the client wants.”

“It is a good option for a hen night, if you don’t want something as cringe-worthy as a stripper.

“You could have a dinner party and our butlers could serve the food,” she said. “It is just plain good fun and very harmless.”

Lucy, 32, started the business after organising a party for her friends. “I wanted to have a fun party for the girls and started researching what was on offer. I came across similar companies and thought it was something I could do myself,” she said.

Lucy is obviously enthusiastic, as she runs the business while raising her two small children. “I have a three-year-old and an 18-month-old, so I am working quite hard at the moment. I love it though. After the kids go to bed I sit down at my computer and do some work,” she said.

She has just had a party to celebrate the launch of the business and her new website www.barenakedbutlers.co.uk is now up and running. “We had a launch party and everyone had a brilliant time. I had my butlers all dressed in their different outfits — it was a great night,” she said.

The bookings have already started to pour in and, among others, she will be providing butlers for a girls’ night out. “A group of women are going out clubbing and being picked up by a limo. Our boys will be there serving drinks,” she said. “It is a great way to start off the evening.”

Lucy is always looking for more people to join her staff and she has the enviable task of recruiting the prospective employees.

“We want men who are at least medium build and are obviously easy on the eye,” she said. “But it’s not all about the looks though. They are there to make sure people have a good time so they need to be charming and be able to hold a conversation. We have real lads for real parties.”

So her husband doesn’t mind her spending her days surrounded by naked men? “My husband is very supportive, he’s behind me 100%,” she said. “He loves the fact that I am starting up my own business.”

Lucy is also hoping to tap into the ‘pink pound’. “We also cater for gay people’s parties,” she said. “Why let the girls have all the fun. I think our butlers would be fabulous at a gay wedding.”

But it’s eyes only for us girls, as Bare Naked Butlers operates a strict no-touch policy. “We establish the ground rules for the party with the hostess before it starts. There is no touching, as I’m sure a woman would be the first to object if it was the other way around,” she said. “Of course there is always a little light flirtation, there is nothing wrong with that.”

For more information, call 07810 514 515, or log on to www.barenakedbutlers.co.uk.

You can have a look at the butlers for yourselves, as they will be painting fingernails for charity at the Chip ’n’ Nails stand in Main Square, Camberley on Saturday July 29.

First printed in: Aldershot News and Mail "

Rocker almost quits when naked erect pic hits the net but then doesn't

When those sneaky pics of famous celebs hit the stands I am unable to resist immediately buying a copy, lapping up every detail and then dissin it as unimportant. And it's true- it is. But hey that's why my collection of hot material next to my bedside isn't actually commercial porn but a stack of more mundane titles carrying nudie pics of my fave boys. However not every guy likes being outed naked as this article demos. But hey- the dude's a star in my opinion; we'd like to see more of ya bud.


Also see:
FALL OUT BOY rocker PETE WENTZ almost quit the group and turned his back on fame after embarrassing photographs of him semi-naked, holding his erect penis were launched into cyberspace. The bassist emailed the candid mobile phone photo to a girlfriend and the naughty shot was intercepted by a third party and put on the internet. Inviting MTV cameras into his family home in Chicago, Illinois, where Wentz still lives, the rock star attempted to clear up the whole embarrassing incident. The tattooed rocker says, "In my head, I was like, 'How am I gonna spin this on our website...?' Then I realised it was a lot bigger than our website. "For the first 24 hours or 48 hours, it was like, 'F**k you, no one call me, no calls returned, I'm not doing this band anymore; this is too much.'" Wentz admits he would have quit Fall Out Boy had it not been for his bandmates' insistence the shots were no big deal: "They were the first ones who made me feel better about it. They were, like, you know, 'Whatever.' "I don't really care about that anymore because it's just like, 'Three million people have seen me naked.'"
11/07/2006 02:0

So if you have pics of this hot guy please mail it to me....

Member of the Scots parliament has sex as another watched....

It's been a bit quiet on the naked front of late but the Scots appear to have ended all that. Enjoy the following news item from the West Lothian Courier where an MSP had sex as another (naked) man watched...

"MSP 'had sex as naked man watched'

Former Scottish Socialist Party leader Tommy Sheridan had sex with a prostitute in a Glasgow hotel as a naked man looked on, a court has heard.

Helen Allison told the Court of Session in Edinburgh the married MSP smiled at her after she looked into a bedroom at the Moat House where she had been invited to what she thought was a VIP party.

The witness claimed she received a threatening phone call from her estranged friend, Jackie White, more than two years after the alleged event in June 2002.

Don't you just love tales of bad behaviour, potential blackmail et al....friggin horny of you ask me. Wish we had a few pics....

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