Saturday, September 30, 2006

Raising money for testicular cancer-naked

Some of you will know that I have been following the story about Mark Jones who died aged 23 from testicular cancer and how his buds have rallied round to make a calendar to raise funds in his memory. Well here's an update.

Mum’s TV spot in bid to highlight testicular cancer

A WREXHAM woman who lost her son to testicular cancer is appearing on Sharon Osbourne’s talk show this week.

Julie Jones, of Caia Park, will feature on the Sharon Osbourne Show to raise awareness of the disease, which claimed 23-year-old Mark’s life in June.

After his death, Mrs Jones set up a charity in his name and an army of his friends have posed naked for a calendar to raise money for the cause, which will also be featured on the show.

The feature was being filmed today at ITV’s London Studios, and will be aired on Thursday at 5pm.

The production of the calendar, which centres around the theme ‘balls to cancer’, was filmed by ITV for the show.

Eleven of Mark’s closest friends posed for photos, with various sporting balls preserving their modesty.

Mrs Jones says she is nervous about appearing on TV but excited to be meeting Ozzy Osbourne’s famous wife.

She said: “I’m really nervous but I’m looking forward to meeting Sharon. I’m a big fan of hers and I love her on X-Factor.”

In July 2002 Sharon Osbourne was herself diagnosed with colon cancer. Later, she announced her cancer had spread to her lymph nodes.

However, her determination helped her overcome the disease, and in August 2004 founded the Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Program.

A spokesman for ITV1 said: “This is exactly the type of thing we feature on the show. We will have lots of fun items, but there will also be a serious aspect.”

Shortly after Mark’s death, Mrs Jones set up the Mark Jones Testicular Cancer Awareness Fund with the hopes of raising money to increase knowledge about the cancer.

She will be appearing on the show alongside a doctor who will talk about testicular cancer.

The money raised from the calendar sales will be used to produce leaflets that can then be placed in doctors’ surgeries and hopefully handed out in schools.

Mark found a lump on his testicle 12 months before he was diagnosed. Mrs Jones believes he put off going to the doctor because of embarrassment.

The calendar will be available from October 9 but advanced orders can be made on the charity’s website or by calling 01948 831009.

A charity five-a-side football tournament has been organised to raise money for the fund.

The competition will take place at Queensway on Sunday, October 15.

To put forward a team pick up an application form from the Plas Coch Pub, on the Plas Coch Retail Park or call Mrs Jones on 01978 313551.

Well I'm going to be ordering one of these to complement my Dieux de Stade boys all over my apartment!!

More Naked Butlers

I'm not sure whether this is a peculiarly British phenomenon but this naked butler stuff is just popping up everywhere, and thank heavens for that. Attached are some pics from, another service with horny masculine chiselled dudes ready to serve naked. Come here and suck on this boy.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Nude footballer reveals reasons

No sooner had I posted the last item then I found this news item about those crazy dudes who got naked to play a game of football- with blurry photos. If anyone has any better photos I'd be sure interested to see them.

One of the friends seen on a website playing a naked football game in a stadium admitted it was a bit of "fun".

Matthew Wintle from Port Talbot was one of the six naked players who kicked a ball around the town's Remax Stadium.

One of the group filmed the others after they had been out in Swansea celebrating an 18th birthday.

They were hoping to send the 47-second clip to a TV programme but after it was turned down, the naked game was posted onto the YouTube website.

"We did it for a laugh," Mr Wintle said. "We had been celebrating Craig's 18th birthday in Swansea on Friday night.

"We stayed up in Craig's mum's house playing cards and then decided it would be a good idea because the house is near the field."

All six has played for a Port Talbot Town's youth team which was disbanded at the end of last season, but added "they didn't bother with the club anymore".

After first approaching Sky Sports' Soccer Am programme, Mr Wintle said one of the group posted the footage on YouTube, where it was viewed thousands of times before being removed.

A note on YouTube said: "This video has been removed due to terms of use violation".

Wearing only boots and socks, the video shows "Ben, Craig, Ginger, Dano, Dai, Betsy" being filmed by Anthony Britton back in March.

They walk onto the pitch naked, before running towards the goal passing the ball.

After one shoots and scores, the men cartwheel and somersault towards the corner flag where they proceed to dance and chant.

Naked football game goes global

A MAN seen by thousands around the world playing a naked game of football said yesterday it was "just a bit of fun".

Matthew Wintle of Port Talbot joined with five friends to kick a ball around Welsh Premier League side Port Talbot Town FC's Remax Stadium.

Mr Wintle said the naked antics began after they had been out in Swansea celebrating an 18th birthday.

The impromptu match was filmed by one of their friends.

At first they sent the 47-second clip to a TV programme but it was turned down.

So the footage was sent in to the US-based YouTube website, the same site that showed a film of two schoolgirls from Llanishen, Cardiff, fighting.

The film was on the site for days and was watched by internet viewers all over the world until it was removed.

Port Talbot Town had no idea the film had been made.

"We did it for a laugh," Mr Wintle said. "We had been celebrating a birthday in Swansea on a Friday night and after staying up playing cards decided it would be a good idea because the house we were in is near the field at Victoria Road, Aberavon [in Port Talbot]."

All six involved in the nude match had played for Port Talbot Town's youth team, which was disbanded at the end of last season.

The players, naked apart from boots and socks, were seen doing cartwheels after scoring goals.

Sep 23 2006

Robin Turner, Western Mail

I wish I'd seen these guys performing on the pitch for the camera....

Friday, September 22, 2006

Recent pics from Burning Man

Must get to Burning Man Festival one of these days, as it's a real performing males event-the guys go buff bare and they take part in events nude.... and this is much nearer me than just about any other festival where the boys get naked and proud.It looks kinda awesome from the photos I've seen and whilst it's very hippy it's hot to see the boys just enjoyin the sun- and or performing in the various events. Enjoy the pics.

Strip Poker winner drops his trousers for charity

Naked Ambition

Slough has a new hero. John Young, a 32-year-old freelance writer, won the £10,000 first prize in the World Strip Poker Championship (no-limit hold ‘em), held at the Cafe Royal in London. Having seen off the challenge of 200 male and female players to win the Golden Fig Leaf Trophy, Young won yet more money. Organiser Paddy Power, bookmakers, said they would give 10,000 pounds to Cancer Research if John dropped his trousers at the end of the match. He did just that. What a guy. What a winner.
Date : 08.09.2006

Sunday, September 17, 2006

TV show slot hopes for cancer campaign

You may remember a story I ran on Performing Males about a young guy who lost his life to cancer, and how his mom and his friends were getting involved in charity work in his memory, primarily with the guys posing naked for a calendar in aid of raising money for testicular cancer. Well there's more news here...

"A MOTHER, who lost her son to testicular cancer, is hoping to appear on Sharon Osbourne’s new talk show.

Julie Jones, of Caia Park, was devastated when Mark, 23, died in June.

She has now set up a charity in his name and an army of his friends have posed naked for a calendar to raise money for the cause.

Mrs Jones has been contacted by a researcher for the Sharon Osbourne Show and asked if she will feature on the live show, which starts tonight on ITV1, and will initially run for six weeks.

A date for the feature has not yet been fixed, but Mrs Jones and a number of Mark’s friends have agreed to travel to London to tell their story.

Production of the calendar, which centres around the theme “Balls to Cancer”, the charity’s catch line, has not run smoothly.

ITV filmed 11 of Mark’s closest friends posing for photos, with various sporting balls preserving their modesty, but problems with developing the film has meant it is behind schedule and may have to be reshot.

Mrs Jones said: “We sent the photographs away to be developed, but the negatives have been damaged.

“We have sent them off again, but are not sure if it will work and we might have to do the photo shoot all over again.”

She was hoping the calendar would be ready in September, and the delay may put her TV appearance in jeopardy.

In July, 2002, Sharon Osbourne was diagnosed with colon cancer. Later, she announced it had spread to her lymph nodes and was more serious than originally thought.

However, her determination helped her overcome the disease, and in August, 2004, she founded the Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Programme.

A spokesman for ITV1 said: “This is exactly the type of thing that will feature on the show. We will have lots of fun items, but there will also be a serious aspect to some of them.”

Shortly after Mark’s death, Mrs Jones set up the Mark Jones Testicular Cancer Awareness Fund, to raise money to increase knowledge about the cancer.

If she can save just one life her time and effort will have been worthwhile, she says.

“I want to get more leaflets put up in doctor’s surgeries and clinics and also handed out in schools.

“There’s lots about breast and other cancers, but you don’t often see anything about testicular cancer.

“I want boys to be taught about it in school, how to check themselves and what to look out for.”

Mark found a lump on his testicle 12 months before he was diagnosed. Mrs Jones believes he put off going to the doctor because of embarrassment and says she wants to break the stigma surrounding the disease.

A recent charity night raised £1,585, and that has gone on making the calendar.

The money from the calendar sales will go to producing leaflets and other publicity to raise awareness of the disease." (rhyljournal)

I can't think of a better way to raise money than by getting some cute dudes nude. Lets hope they have every success.

Friday, September 15, 2006

This blog and you

Listen as some of you dudes know I kinda love this nude guy stuff. I love it if it's real, in the news, or entertainment. I tend to work this blog around bits of news that I stumble across and hope it entertains you as much as it does me. If you have a blog or site and you'd like a reciprocal link let me know. And do feel free to join my yahoo group anytime. It's open to all adults- especially performing males and I'm always interested in hearing from cute nude dudes who wanna have some fun and perform for us. I've always set out for this to be an amateur thing but if professionals would like to take part then please remember it is for fun. That said if I don't get more volunteers for some exhibiting soon I may even have to start paying for it. Moi? Pay for it? Hell no.....:-) Now here's some pics....

Anyone for a nude builder....need I ask :-)

18 August 2006

FORGET the Naked Chef, charity fundraiser IAN POWELL is to become the NUDE builder. The 35-year-old - who is also available for gardening and even housework - promises to wear just a helmet and fluorescent jacket as he goes about his odd jobs, for a price. Ian, from Brean, Somerset, aims to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.

Teen magazine with nude pics? Yes, in Germany

By Elisa Ung
The Philadelphia Inquirer

BERLIN — Sandra, 16, looks coyly up from the magazine, wearing a black choker and nothing else. Boyfriend Elias, 18, grins from the opposite page, also pictured fully in his natural state.

"Tell me, why do you love each other?" reads the headline. And the young couple tells why — and, explicitly, how.

Sell this in America, and risk a long sentence for child pornography.

But this is nothing illicit.

It's Bravo, the most popular teenage magazine in Germany and one of the most widely read general-interest youth publications in Europe. Target reader age: 10 and older.

Sandra's parents gave permission for her to pose nude. Her spread comes in the same issue as a free sheet of fake tattoos, a feature about Harry Potter and an exclusive report on the German boy band currently making girls swoon.

Bravo's editors say the full-frontal pictures are intended not to be lewd, but to be instructive and reassuring to teenagers just learning about the birds and the bees.

This is the work of "Dr. Sommer," a pseudonymous column in Bravo that has become an institution, guiding generations of German teenagers through the everyday angst of young life, love, piercings, broken friendships and yes, sex.

Nudity is common on European newsstands. But in a teenage magazine?

"We take this very seriously," said Bravo's deputy editor-in-chief, Alex Gernandt. "It is not pornography. It deals with naked people, but in a very sensitive way. We try to portray young people to tell readers, 'You are not too fat, not too thin. You are OK the way you are.' "

The column highlights a basic cultural divide between much of Europe and the United States when it comes to sex.

And Gernandt points to Germany's lower teenage pregnancy rate as proof of which approach is better.

About 85 of 1,000 U.S. young people ages 15 to 19 become pregnant, compared with 16 out of every 1,000 in Germany.

"We are more liberated," he says. "We try to deal with [sex] as something normal."

The column started in 1969, and in the early years, many German parents were known to ban it from the house or glue the Dr. Sommer pages together.

Eveline von Arx, who has been writing the Dr. Sommer column for three years, credits it with helping Germans speak more openly about sex.

When it began, "Dr. Sommer really broke taboos, and it was really spectacular to do something like that," von Arx said. "It's not that spectacular anymore. People are used to it. Everybody knows it.

"I am often asked if it's even necessary. People think our society is very sexualized, and naked bodies and sex are everywhere, and young people should know everything. But they don't know anything sometimes."

Each weekly issue of Bravo now features photos of two nude teenagers — male and female, generally between the ages of 16 and 20. The feature is called "That's Me," and the pictured teenagers talk about their bodies and their experiences with love and sex.

They are paid a little more than $500 to pose, and many report a self-esteem boost from the experience, von Arx said.

Weekly letters to Dr. Sommer may range from "Everybody's had sex, only I haven't" to "My boyfriend is once again interested in his former girlfriend."

Sample answer: "Nowhere does it say that youth have to have sex by a certain time. ... Talk to your boyfriend about it. Tell him what you feel."

The Dr. Sommer staff also has live chats with worried teenagers on Bravo's Web site, alongside explicit picture galleries that in the United States would surely inspire an uproar.

Unlike the United States, "there seems to be a consensus in a lot of Europe, including Germany, that older teenagers are going to have sex, it's part of life, it's a healthy aspect of growing up and you need to have info about it — the more the better," said Vanderbilt University sociology professor Laura Carpenter. She was a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Pennsylvania when a flight attendant friend working a Frankfurt route began bringing her back copies of Bravo.

Copyright © 2006 The Seattle Times Company

Thursday, September 14, 2006

New naked ski instructor calendar revealed

08 September 2006

The Rylstone and District Women's Institute in North Yorkshire have a lot of naked calendars to answer for…

On these pages we must have covered half a dozen various ‘naked calenders’ across the years (although a quick search only revealed the ‘chalet girls calendar’).

So it had to happen in time that Austrian ski instructors would show off their own attributes.

’Can be flipped over depending on preference…’
Twenty-four male and female instructors from Lech in the Austrian Arlberg braved the Alpine cold over 3000m to pose for their Ski Instructors Calendar. Each calendar has both male and female photos and can, in an unfortunate choice of phrasing ‘be flipped over depending on preference’.

Inspired by a drunken Brit…
According to a company spokesman, the idea for the calendar came when a drunken British ski-school member tried to persuade a group of instructors to strip off. He said: “We often get men staring at the female instructors and many women seem to sign up just to flirt with their teachers, so we thought, why not give them what they want?”

Snowboard teacher Kiki, 28 (they don’t offer her personal statistics) said she “loved being a model: I never had any idea it would be so much fun.”

“It’s such a pity the year only has 12 months”
According to calendar boss Gerhard Lucian, this should be a calendar to watch out for. While he originally thought it might be hard to persuade enough people to strip off in the end “we had so many people sign up, and they were all gorgeous, so it was actually very hard to choose.” [BTW don’t be mistaken, in typical Teutonic style – ever been to a sauna in Austria? - they really do strip off!]

Lucian summed up the struggle he had in selection with the fact that “it’s such a pity the year only has 12 months.”

So, if you’re after a hottie instructor, the lesson is, head to Lech.

Check out

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

More from Folsom

Some pics from Folsom which I will get to one day...

Seattle train commuters get daily glimpse of male nude beach

WOODWAY, Wash. – It happens in a flash as the afternoon Sounder trains carry commuters north from the city to Everett — a glance at an otherwise secluded beach frequented by mostly gay men who take it all off.

"Every day we look outside the train and count how many are there in their birthday suits," said Sarah Thompson of Edmonds, a project manager. "It's a plus for riding the train. It's an added bonus. It's the entertainment factor for the Sounder."

The beach below a bluff in this peaceful suburb, which bills itself as "The Quiet Place," has been a favorite with male nudists for decades. In 2004 the start of Sounder service gave them new exposure to commuters shunning the Interstate 5 traffic follies for a ride along the eastern shore of Puget Sound.

"All the women pile themselves up against the window," said Steve Barber, a rider who works for King County law enforcement. "It's comic relief."

As the train crosses from King County to Snohomish County and passes the huge tanks at a roofing and paving plant, books close and fingers cease their tapping at laptop keyboards as attention is focused through the shoreside windows.

"It's just a fleeting maybe four or five seconds, but it's definitely worth it," said Cecile Bagrow of Edmonds.

"Most of the time we have to get up out of our seats to look out the window," Thompson said. "It depends on who's on the train. Sometimes we get kind of rowdy about it."

The rocky beach is bounded by railroad tracks, fences and the water. It's accessible only by trespassing on land owned by Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp. and a petroleum company.

"You would have to be one of the people that sleeps both ways to miss it," Thompson said. "They're right there."

Some men recline on towels. Others stroll this way and that, stand gazing out at the water, scamper for cover, leap into full frontal view in an apparent effort to shock the riders or just wave at the train.

"There's an average of six a day," Thompson said. "Sometimes there's more, sometimes less. Sometimes we're disappointed because there aren't any."

Police Chief Doug Hansen said he's been aware of naked men on the beach throughout his 20 years of work in Woodway but adds that more have been seen in the past five years.

Local officers sometimes team up with Edmonds police and Snohomish and King county deputies to shoo away the nude sunbathers, most of whom come from the Seattle area and foreign countries, Hansen said, adding that their reactions range from "openly hostile to embarrassed."

Although nude sunbathing and trespassing on private property are against the law, generally just give warnings and seldom issue tickets, he added.

By some accounts, the beach has been frequented by gay men since the 1930s, and Mayor Carla Nichols said local residents have not complained.

"Just about everybody in town is aware," Nichols said. "Now that we have the commuter trains going regularly, it makes sense it would eventually become a feature."

Lions assistant arrested for nude driving and drunken driving

Exclusive: A Detroit Lions assistant coach was arrested twice in the last two weeks, once for allegedly driving drunk and once for indecent and obscene conduct, the Free Press has learned.

In the latter incident, a Dearborn police ticket describes the coach as “driving on public street without any clothes on. (NUDE).”

Joe Cullen, whom first-year head coach Rod Marinelli hired from the University of Illinois, coaches the defensive line. Cullen, 38, posted bond in both misdemeanor cases and was still coaching the Lions at practice Wednesday.

He walked away from a Free Press reporter who wanted to ask him about the incidents, but later the team released a statement from Cullen.

“I would like to apologize to the Detroit Lions organization, our fans, my family and friends for any embarrassment these incidents have caused. These incidents represent a mistake in judgment on my part. I deeply regret them and have learned a valuable lesson. It won’t happen again,’’ Cullen said in the statement.

Lions officials said Cullen has requested treatment.

The nudity incident happened Aug. 24 about 11:15 p.m., the night before the Lions flew to the west coast for a game against the Oakland Raiders.

Police stopped Cullen in his car, which was traveling eastbound on Michigan near Lapham Street. The ticket does not provide any other information about why Cullen allegedly was nude. The Lions said alcohol was involved.

A week later, Dearborn police again arrested Cullen, this time about 11:48 p.m. on Sept. 1, the night after the Lions lost their final exhibition game to the Buffalo Bills at Ford Field.

Court records show Cullen had a blood alcohol content of .12 after police stopped his 2006 Ford Explorer as it traveled west on Michigan near Tenny. Michigan law sets .08 as the legal limit.

Cullen, who lives in Dearborn, is scheduled to appear in 19th District Court next week on both cases..

Marinelli, asked about the arrests after Wednesday’s practice, declined to comment and referred questions to Lions president Matt Millen, “It’s a personal issue right now,’’ Marinelli said. “Matt’s going to handle it.’’

Millen released a statement later, saying, “We are obviously very disappointed. These are very serious matters that will be handled sternly and appropriately by our organization. Coach Cullen requested immediate help in seeking treatment. That assistance has been provided and a comprehensive, private program has been established for him.”

Cullen was fired from the University of Mississippi in early 2005 after an alcohol-related arrest at a restaurant. Athletic Director Pete Boone said Wednesday that no one from the Lions organization contacted him for a reference.

When asked whether the Lions were aware of Cullen's history and whether he would be disciplined for the current situation, Millen would only say, “This will be handled the same way any of these situations will be handled with a player. And that’s that it will remain confidential and private. We will respect the privacy of the person and we would expect that you respect that also.”

Cullen has also coached at Indiana, Memphis, Richmond, Louisiana State and the University of Massachusetts, where he played nose guard from 1986-1989.

September 6, 2006

By Jim Schaefer and Nicholas J. Cotsonika

Free Press Staff Writers

Monday, September 04, 2006

Peter bares all for women's magazine

Peter bares all for women's magazine
Sep 1 2006
Rin Simpson, Western Mail

A WELSH model, who was named one of the top 50 most eligible bachelors in the UK, has bared all for a nude photo shoot in a national women's magazine.

Peter Sheath from Swansea was one of six Welshmen who made it onto the list, compiled by Company magazine.

Now the same magazine has persuaded the bold 26-year-old to pose naked for its October issue, for a feature about this year's most eligible bachelors.

Entitled "Red, White and Phwoar!", the feature shows Peter lying front down on a bed, exposing the derriere which once earned him the title of "Sexiest Bum In Europe".

Friday, September 01, 2006

It's time I did Folsom

But whether I can bring myself to strip off completely in the crowd i just dunno. These pics are amazing and inspiring though, and are taken from various years. I know I'd get carried away there. :-)

Hoskins struggled to contain his excitement


English actor BOB HOSKINS struggled to contain his excitement when he appeared naked alongside sexy female extras in Oscar nominated comedy MRS HENDERSON PRESENTS. The HOOK star disrobed during one pivotal scene in the movie, about a nude revue in 1930s London's historical Soho nightclub The Windmill. And the 63-year-old was surprised by his reaction to his pleasant surroundings: "I looked up and saw these beautiful young bodies... and then I looked down and thought, 'Oh dear.'"

01/09/2006 12:39
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