Sunday, March 11, 2007

John Lennon- was he into cfnm?

Just found this cute photo of John Lennon and wonder- could he have been into cfnm?

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John C said...

That very famous cover was voted no. 1 in a 2005 poll of best magazine covers of the past 40 years conducted by the American Society of Magazine Editors:

"The session took place in a bright, sunny room overlooking the park," says Yoko Ono of her and John Lennon's photo shoot at the Dakota, their New York apartment building, on December 8th, 1980. "We were feeling comfortable because it was Annie [Leibovitz], whom we respected and trusted, so John seemed not to have any problem taking off his clothes. John and I were hugging each other, feeling a bit giggly and up.""

""I was thinking that they had never been embarrassed to take their clothes off, that they could do a nude embrace," says Leibovitz, who was photographing them for a Rolling Stone cover to mark the release of Double Fantasy, their first album in five years. "John took his clothes off in a few seconds, but Yoko was very reluctant. She said, 'I'll take my shirt off but not my pants.' I was kinda disappointed, and I said, 'Just leave everything on.' We took one Polaroid, and the three of us knew it was profound right away.""

The answer to your question would appear to be "no". The photograph has extra resonance because it was taken a few hours before Lennon was shot dead.

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