Saturday, March 24, 2007

Albania clamps down on school of lust

Occasionally I read a serious news item and something about the way it's written convulses me in laughter. The following article appeared on yahoo. See what you think.

"Albania clamps down on school of lust
Reuters Friday March 23, 02:01 PM

TIRANA (Reuters) - Four Albanian teachers have been censured for drunken and lewd behaviour in a remote village school after they had sexual intercourse behind a classroom blackboard, local reports said on Friday.

The Education Ministry sacked two male teachers, replaced the headmaster and put a female teacher on probation after incensed parents in Xhyre, near the Macedonia border, locked the schoolhouse to stop the drinking and fornication in class.

"I saw them acting shamefully through the window and I told my friends and parents," fourth-grader Elton Cuka told the Shqip daily. "They saw me and threatened to expel me from school."

Xhevahir Hohxa, father of another pupil, was indignant.

"Would you call someone a teacher who drinks raki at ten in the morning and gets drunk and chases the schoolgirls?" he demanded on Albanian television. "

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