Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Naked walk in public

Have you walked the streets naked?


Anonymous said...

This is a dream for most guys who are exhibitionists. I have done this recently however with photos, not video's. I am also planning another photoshoot this Thurs in Vegas with some nude in public shots. Such a thrill . . ! !

Anonymous said...

I love this nude in public stuff. I'd like to see more of it on this site. I have done some of this myself and it's a real rush ! ! In fact I have another photoshoot this Thur in Vegas where I'll pose outdoors at various landmarks. It I have any requests, I'll get some of the pics posted.

Clark said...

Exceptional sight.
Have you ever walked the streets naked?
Gets you thinking......

I am a professional exhibitionist.

I have finally started a blog about the life of an exhibitionist.

Through the years people have been very curious about why I am an exhibitionist, what it's like, how I started and was I ever arrested.

I plan to answer all these questions and add stories of awesome events (with pictures) to get you off or get you thinking about exhibitionism!

xhibitionist :)


Unknown said...

nice video.

shame the website it's promoting is password/username protected so you can't visit but the eye candy is nice

should have turned around mind you.

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