Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Could you walk the streets naked?


raulito said...

Oh, I could walk naked...down the street any where...the only thing that prevents me from doing it is the fear of being arrested...it is a bummer to pay fines and spend time in the can...although you might meet some dude named Bruno who might want to make you his bitch...something good might come of it or cum out of it....lol
great blog

Jo Kristian said...

I agree with raulito. Walking the streets naked is too risky. However, walking the streets with clothes that show off a huge bulge, for instance, is harder to fine for police, so that's what I often do...

sunseeker48111@yahoo.com said...

I love to get naked and show off my body anywhere i can that dont get me arrested, like the local community college where i model nude for the life art class in front of guys and girls of all ages, I get a lot of nice compliments and usually asked to do a private strip, I never hesitate to get undressed when asked, I love to wear a unlined speedo at the beach when i cant get naked, most people dont mind

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