Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Students to perform naked in Rhode island

It has been approved that instead No, No, Nanette as the Mainstage musical this year it is going to be an all nude version of Beauty and the Beast. This avant-garde version of a classic children's story will open in Roberts Hall on April 10 at 8 p.m.

Instead of the usual musical director, Bill Wilson, the musical will be taken over by Ron Jeremy, a famous porn star. Ron Jeremy promised "this musical will be tasteful and keep everyone's morals intact." Jeremy said his inspiration for the all nude Beauty and the Beast came from the opening number of Hair. He figured if there was so much attention from once scene of nudity then perhaps having an all nude show would be good for publicizing the theatre department at Rhode Island College.

The story has not been altered at all and neither has the music. The singing and dancing talent of the students will be on display and that is what is important. The goal is for the audience to be so captivated by their talents they do not even notice that the actors are naked.

The set will be traditional with backdrops of woods and set pieces that turn to reveal new locations. The lighting will also be used to give the illusion of being in the woods and will be very important during transformation scenes. The orchestra will mostly comprise of students that are clothed in case they stick to the seats.

Costumes are going to be more complicated than usual. Instead of clothing, the cast will be painted from head to toe. Belle's signature blue dress will be painted directly onto her body and she will wear a blue ribbon in her hair. Beast will be the most complicated. He will be required to grow out all of his hair to make it more realistic. When he is the prince, his hair will be tied back and groomed and as the beast it will be undone.

Students in the musical were apprehensive at first about doing a show so risqué but it wasn't long before they were convinced stating "all experiences can be used for good in the theatre." They are all on strict diets now and work out 5 days a week so they can be in shape in time for opening night.

Tickets for this performance will be $5 for students and $15 for adults. Make sure to reserve your tickets soon as it will more than likely be sold out. For more information or to order your tickets call 456-8280.

RIC's Mainstage Goes Nude - Canchor Arts & Entertainment

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