Monday, November 27, 2006

Not more about naked butlers?? Shurely not....

Er yes;
Here in Blighty we've got a thing about having naked staff, and sure enough on television this weekend there was a documentary about individuals working nude. And why not?

Knowing that the group moderator and blog maestro Gary has a bit of a fetish for houseboys, waiters, sluts and slaves being naked for others who are clothed (preferably the more the merrier) I thought I'd tape it as indeed I myself think a nude houseboy to cater for my more needy moments is a luxury not to be passed by. This is a documentary with a cfnm leaning (clothed female, naked male) and the boys are serving at a rather posh houseparty. You know its posh when someone pronounces buff as barfff.

Enjoy and if you can't be bothered to download the video then enjoy these stills. The rest of the stills are in the photo files in the yahoo group.

Surferladsam. xx


Anonymous said...

NO! They've taken the video down and I only found it was online yesterday. AND I'm the guy in it!

performingmales said...

Well it was very popular and maybe some miserable saddo asshole had a problem with that. We'll put it up somewhere else eventually...

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