Monday, June 11, 2012

Lads strip naked for nude race


ATCFNM said...

I really dig your blog! Well, the posts which are CFNM in nature, anyway as it's my "thing". But anyhow, I'm curious as to why you're not posting the videos these pictures seem to come from. I would kill to get ahold of some of them! Just let me know if you need some technical help or if it's just a thing you'd rather not get into and just stick to blogging pictures. I can completely understand either situation.

Again, great blog!

performingmales said...

Hi- I don't always see the videos - I trawl a lot of pic galleries in my spare time. I add videos where I've see ones that work for me- sometimes pics allow the imagination to wander- something that video can take away. If it's real it's ok, but if it's porn and it's badly acted then it's better if it's pictures. Porn is rarely well acted - scripted lines so often feel false. So I prefer the real stuff if I can get it.

I don't know what technical help you were considering- let me know. My email is - thanks for the offer. Sam and I run and add to this when we can, and we are both gay so the cmnm has taken precedence - though we like cfnm stuff too.Thanks for writing. Gary

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