Friday, June 03, 2011

Are you up for displaying yourself?

Are you up for some public nudity? Are you up for performing naked in front of grown men? Are you up for being the only one naked in a crowd, your cock out, and bursting with excitement? If so why not join Performingmales Yahoo Group- guys all over the world are ready for your hot bare assed cock thrusting performances....

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Anonymous said...

I have a zany suggestion for what I would like to happen to me if you are in the UK. I would like two older woman to pretend to be my aunts in public, but not too crowded, and I suddenly start misbehaving. So they threaten to spank me. I say yeah right and carry on. So they whip my trousers and underwear down and spank me.

I carry on misbehaving so they threaten to remove my clothing altogether. I pretend I don't believe they will go this far and swear at them.
So they apologise to the members of the public and explain that as I am humiliating them, they wish to humiliate me and would they mind my nudity if they were to remove my clothes.

If they get the go ahead, they remove my clothes for an hour.
If I try to cover myself, even if I try to hide an erection, that is not allowed, they spank me hard till I stop.

Then they make me go for a walk with them naked but not allowed to cover myself.
Then whatever other activities till the hour is up. If I misbehave during this time, the hour is extended by half an hour for each time.

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