Saturday, February 26, 2011

Nude artist performs

Chinese Artist Ma Liuming started his nude performances in the early 1990′s, begiining with a small circle of friends. Sporting long hair and having feminine features, he uses his androgynous look as an important part of his art and wears make-up to transform his face into his female alter ego, “Fen”. In the earlier works he would sit naked on a platform, while in later works, such as “Fen Ma Liuming in Lyon (France)” from 2001, he is also drugged with sleeping pills that render him essentially motionless. Those in attendance are then invited to come on stage and take a picture with the artist. Some pose at his feet, others disrobe and sit next to him, most engage the limp body as a prop. Audience reaction varies from country to country. Their expressions vary from amusement to challenge to adoration, but their awareness of the camera (and its importance in provoking their reaction) is never in question.

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