Saturday, June 13, 2009

WNBR hits Trafalgar Square during a sermon !

You have to hand it to the boys and girls of the WNBR today- their timing was superb. I was stopping in Trafalgar square for a quick respite and found myself listening to a sermon about being saved. And why not? Indeed one of the signs said "we must all appear before the judgement seat of Christ". As the minister mentioned a story about returning an escaped convict to the police, a police escort rounded the corner followed by thousands of naked guys and girls on their bikes, skates, monoscycles, and rollerblades, blowing their whistles and wearing only big cheesy grins and greasepaint. Although its protest message has serious intention, the WNBR had appeared completely naked on its bicycle saddles and completely changed the demeanour of this slightly serious Saturday afternoon. God bless 'em !


Gaz said...

What I never understand is all these naked people moving around London is OK on this one day but you get naked and walk around London NOW and you'll get arrested.

We should just legalise nudity and be done with it!!

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable that you actually condone the behavior of these disrespectful, and uncivilized people. There was no need for them to disrupt another goup's event like this. They have no class.

surferladsam said...

Ah yes a comment from 'Anonymous'.

Anyone would think it had been done on purpose. Well maybe the religious group did decide to interrupt the bike ride (which had arranged this route with a police escort months before the event took place) and I agree it was uncivilized if they did. All the WNBR's did was cycle past - peacefully and probably unaware of the bible hawking in the square. However if you stop finger wagging for a minute, you will have ascertained that it was an incidental clash of cultures that just happened to take place and was all the more interesting for it.

As for condoning public nudity - well if you have a problem with it, you really are reading the wrong blog.

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