Friday, March 27, 2009

Some pics from the festival

The group regularly receives some great pics from Ken one of our more prolific contributors. These arrived today and I love them. Real guys getting naked in public. Must get to Folsom sometime...


Jason said...


just found your great blog and wanted to ask if you'd be interested in a link exchange with my site "Fagalicious"

It's a new blog about porn, porn stars, eye candy, video clips, swim and underwear.

Awaiting your reply ...


webmaster [at] fagalicious [dot] com

Anonymous said...

its no wonder gay men have no respect when they act like this in public. Its disgraceful.

performingmales said...

And inevitably some prize cunt has issues with guys at a gay festival and decides to make an asinine comment about it - but true to cowardly type it's from 'Anonymous'.

It's funny how often negative comments are frequently made by individuals who are unable to show their faces or identities but still want to have their imbecilic five seconds of fame. I usually reject these (occasional)comments but have decided on this occasion to make an example of this prize moron, and the cowardly nature of detractors who themselves have nothing else to offer except a poor critique from a cringingly dull brain.

My suggestion to you in response to your comment is that it's probably better not to read blogs or sites that offend you. This site is obviously about guys who do stuff naked in public and if you don't like it then tough.

I have no respect for those who cannot stand by their remarks so maybe this time it's mutual.

What an Utter Prat.

Boris said...

What a friggin arsehole.

You tell em Gary.

(youve always seemed dead calm, now youve gone all dead masterful. You can whip me anytime bitch:-) )

Paedo said...

Jesus! I wish we had festivals like this in Oz! Maybe one could be organized in Sydney?

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