Wednesday, September 03, 2008

These guys make skinnydipping look cool

Fact 1: I went skinny dipping for the ffirst time in my life this last weekend.
Fact 2: I stayed in a lodge by a lake with several other guys (It was a stag party)
Fact 3: I got very drunk as someone plied me with rum after the beers
Fact 4: I too went skinny dipping but I looked nowhere near as cool as these guys.

The lake was heavenly and although rural it wasn't remote. In fact there was some kind of adventure water park on the other side of the lake. I had however, forgotten any kind of speedos or anything remotely lycra. A gay man without lycra- Imagine!! So; Saturday was a blissfully warm day and we trolled down to the waterside where it soon became too hot to wear many clothes. We lay on a short pontoon where some boats were moored.

The other guys had remembered their shorts. Like a flying twat I had forgotten mine. And instead of the groom being stripped, I found myself naked ! In front of them! And they were the straight ones !! It doesn't get any better though. Once stripped I fell backwards off the pontoon into the lake where the water was very shallow, landing on my back in a very humiliating manner.

Luckily the water was very cold. Otherwise I'd have got a boner, and the groom is an old family friend with a very big mouth who'd have never let me forget it! (Or anyone else).

You know what the difference between a straight guy and a gay one is doncha? Three beers. (Some say two!)


Jo Kristian said...

You "forgot" your shorts?

I always love to "forget" my shorts in situations like these. Of course, it's always nice to be naked, but there's also the chance that other guys will be inspired to shed their shorts as well...

performingmales said...

Lol; it did inspire one other to shed his clothes...

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