Wednesday, May 16, 2007

More naked pranks

Doncha just love tales of student nudity? Naked pranks? I do. I just found this hot story on

"Naked Prank

I was naked in the elevator when the fire alarm went off!
My roommate and I were in a battle to see who could pull the cruelest prank on each other. I'd have to say he won. Here's the story:

After a late night out drinking, we stumbled to our dorm room ready to pass out. We both reeked of smoke from the bar. I couldn't go to bed smelling like'd permeate my sheets causing me to have to wash them. And I never washed my sheets.

My roommate crawled into bed as I stripped down and headed up the hall to the shower. I was wrapped with a towel around my waist with soap and shampoo in hand. I left my towel on the bench in the shower room along with my room key. As I showered, I heard someone come in the area, but paid no attention. I was done minutes later, all clean and ready to dry off and get to bed.

I walked out of the shower area to get my stuff and it was gone. My towel, my room key; nothing was there. Not only was I locked out of my room, but I was completely naked, barefooted, and soaking wet. What was I to do?

I knew this was the works of my roommate. Simply walking down the hall (naked) and knocking on my dorm room door would have been too easy. In fact, that was the first thing I tried. Butt naked, I peaked out the door of the bathroom to see if anyone was around. The coast was clear. I ran down the hall to my room. Knock knock. No answer.

So there I was. Naked as a jay bird with no way to get in. The gears were turning in my head. The only other option that occurred to me was to take the elevator eight floors down to the RA's office. He'd be able to let me in my room. I just had to get over the fact that I'd have to go down without a stitch on my body.

So there I went. I crossed my fingers as I pressed the down button for the elevator. My fear was that the door would open and there'd be a car full of people. As luck would have it, it arrived empty. I jumped in and pressed the button for the first floor. As I was going down, I heard the fire alarm going off through the elevator shaft.

What else could possibly go wrong?

Good thing I was mostly drunk, because I probably would have fainted with the thought that throngs of students would soon be filing to the first floor to exit the building, a mandatory policy when the fire alarm went off. When the doors opened to the lobby of the dorm, I repeatedly pushed the close door button, trying to buy some time as I figured out what to do. The doors did quickly close, but then the elevator started to go back up. I knew where this was going. The doors opened again on the third floor. There I was for all to see. There must've been 20 people standing there staring at me; girls, guys, classmates, and friends.

There was first a moment of silence while everyone tried to make out what they were seeing - a naked 19 year old boy standing in the middle of an empty elevator. Laughter erupted as they crowded into the small space. I wanted out.

They wouldn't let me leave. It was almost like they were part of the prank.

I thought to myself...O.K., there's nothing I can do to make this situation better. I'm just going to go with the flow and pretend that none of this bothered me. Comments from the girls like "oh my God, where are your clothes?" and "fire alarm caught you at a bad time, huh?" didn't make matters easier.

The doors again closed and the elevator arrived at the first floor again. This time, I had to get out and find the RA. I strutted out last, this time cupping my package with my hands trying to act as modest as possible. I spotted an RA as he was locking the office door on his way out to the front lawn. He saw me trotting towards him and began a hysterical laugh. That didn't help in deflecting the attention away from my skinny naked body.

He yelled out "what the fuck are you doing!" I told him I needed to get to my room NOW! He couldn't help. He said he had to manage the evacuation and didn't have time to escort me back to my room with the master key. Quick thinking on his part saved more embarrassment for me, though. He dropped his shorts and threw them over to me leaving him with only his boxers. It wasn't a big deal because about half the guys that came down were only wearing boxers. I slipped on his shorts and walked outside with everyone else.

I saw my roommate outside in the crowd. I was about to punch him in the face but then I remembered that this was just pay back for the time that I put Icy Hot in his bottle of lotion, that he used of course, only as a self-pleasuring lube.

We were even now. We called it a truce and lived peacefully together for the next four semesters."

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