Friday, May 29, 2009

A public display

For anyone reading this blog it will come as no surprise that I like displays of public sex, nudity- the stuff that shouldn't happen because of social morals. But sometimes it does. Sometimes it is snatched and it's great. However a rather drawn out visit to the tube sites shows most guys (headless!) wanking in public restrooms and behind closed doors at that. They don't subscribe to my notion of sexy, or even barely dangerous. Just a bit silly really. I love the facial expressions of those who dare to do these things - whether laughing or serious. The headless boys are just no big deal at all, though I understand that for some it would be a real problem if they were caught- I just don't find it that interesting. Here are some pics of a guy who gave a quick one two how's your boyfriend in the middle of a French street. Enjoy his cock and his face- and above all his daring.

I found this video at uploaded by a user called subhuti.

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Dude said...

Great blog! I've linked you on mine. Hope you'll do the same.


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